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Pure Smoking
The CONE+™
The Natural Cones®
98 x 26mm filter
84 x 26mm filter

Natural CONE+ Blister Pack Small 1¼ 6 pcs.

€2,86 incl. VAT

  • Small 1¼ Cones® pre-rolled from the thinnest natural smoking paper.
  • Measuring 84 mm long, of with a 26mm CTIP™ Active Filter Tip for a clean and smooth smoke
  • Packaged in a Blister Pack with 6 Small 1¼ Cones®.
  • Open the Pack and slide out the filling tool to fill it. After filling take your Small’s with you by sliding back the filling card
  • Ideal for a dog walker or for just a little smoke at any time of the day.

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