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Cones® is here for everyone to enjoy

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Your secret to a perfect smoke every time.

Step into the world of sublime smoking, awaken your senses.

The ultimate solution for those who prefer to skip the rolling process. Whether it's a matter of convenience or personal choice, Cones® has been crafted with your needs in mind. With Cones®, all you need is your favourite mix—Just Fill It, and you're good to go. Regain control over your experience and elevate your enjoyment to new heights.

Our collections

The Original Cones®

Elevate Your Smoking Experience.


The Natural Cones®

Nature's best, rolled to impress.


The Bio Organic Hemp Cones®

A happy meal.


Pure Smoking

Pure Enjoyment



The perfect fit


The CONE+™

The Original Cones®, now also available with The CTIP™ Active Filter Tip, boasts a cone-shaped design filled with nanobeads, elevating the smoking experience. This innovative filter tip optimizes airflow, resulting in a smooth draw with consistent burn. It also enhances taste by reducing sharpness and improving overall flavor, making it a valuable addition for smokers seeking a more enjoyable and refined smoking experience. Available with The Original and Natural Cones® paper.


Intense flavour experience

Crafted with precision, our Cones® are made from the finest ultra-thin rolling paper available, ensuring an unmatched and completely pure flavor sensation. Thanks to the convenience of our ready-to-use Cones®, enthusiasts of all types can easily indulge in a seamless smoking experience that promises pure enjoyment without any complications.



The Original Cones® for your business.

Since 1994 we are supplying businesses with different sizes pre-rolled Cones® and the filling machines for each size bulk Cones®. Read more...

High quality

The thinnest cigarette paper in the world.

Our pre-rolled tubes ensure the ultimate smoking experience. Crafted from ultra-thin paper, our Cones® offer an unparalleled taste sensation. They also ensure even, slow burning, maximizing smoking pleasure.

High supply

Total Partner

As the creator and maker of Original Pre-rolled Cones®, we offer the largest selection of pre-rolled cones, available from Super small to Giga in both bulk and consumer packages. We also supply various types of filling equipment for the most popular sizes of Cones® .

High Service

You ask, we "run"

Since our establishment in 1994, we've emerged as a worldwide leader in pre-rolled Cones®. Our success stems from delivering top-quality products and unmatched service. Experience the personalized dedication and adaptability of our business. We're here to serve you.