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Order before 15:00CET, shipped the same day
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140 x 40mm filter

Bio Organic Hemp Pre rolled Cones® Hemp Reefer 140/40 – Schachtel enthält 500 Stück.

€79,00 incl. VAT

  • Die Original Reefer Cones®, vorgerollt mit Bio-Hanf-Rauchpapier.
  • Die Länge beträgt 140 mm, davon sind 40 mm die Kartonspitze.
  • Verpackt in einer Großpackung zu 500 Stück.
  • Bereit zum Vorfüllen durch Coffeeshops, Apotheken oder Züchter.
  • Bio Organic Hemp pre rolled Cones®, Vorgerollte Cones aus Hanf®, Vorgerollte Bio-Cones®

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Weight: 0,0500kg
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Frequently asked questions

Cones are used as a pre-shaped framework to fill with smoking materials like tobacco, herbs, weed, or hash. They simplify the process by eliminating the need to manually roll a joint, as they come ready to be packed with the desired substance, making the preparation quick and easy.

A joint is typically rolled by hand, requiring skill to achieve a uniform shape and size. It involves wrapping loose smoking material in a paper and sealing it manually. A cone, on the other hand, is a pre-rolled, conical-shaped paper that comes with a filter or tip already in place, requiring only to be filled with smoking material. Cones are generally easier to fill and can be more consistent in shape and size compared to hand-rolled joints.

The Original Cones® are renowned for their high-quality materials and consistent performance. They offer a variety of materials, including hemp and rice paper, catering to different preferences for burn rate and taste. Their pre-rolled cones are uniformly made to ensure even burning and optimal airflow, enhancing the smoking experience. The company’s commitment to sustainability and variety also adds to their appeal, making them a preferred choice among environmentally conscious consumers.

King Size cones typically measure around 110mm in length, which is approximately 4.3 inches. This size is larger than standard cones, allowing for a longer smoking session and more material to be packed in, making them ideal for sharing or for extended use. The exact dimensions can vary slightly depending on the brand.