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Pure Smoking

World-Wide Distributor

More than 25 years have passed since we turned the world of rolling joints on its head. During that time, MountainHigh® invented and created the pre-rolled Cones® and the machines to fill them. Thus, single-handedly creating the market for pre-rolled Cones® we know today.

This hunger for innovation and creativity is what keeps us, here at MountainHigh®, looking around for new opportunities every day. So when we do stumble upon one, we try to forge one of our famous Cones Collaborations.

And that is exactly what we did in 2021 when we came into contact with I-nvention®: fellow Dutchmen and inventors of innovative, cannabis-related products. We are convinced that I-nvention®'s line of products is an asset and an addition to our own collection. That is why we are the official World-Wide Exclusive Distributor for I-nvention® products.

The Jack-Pod System

After noticing an increased interest in, and awareness for, pure smoking (without tobacco) in the market, I-nvention® developed a line of products to make Pure Smoking even Purer. Read: no paper and no tobacco. The basis of this idea is The Jack-Pods™ system: easy to fill Jack-Pods (0.2gr) for your material. Think Nespresso™ for cannabis. The filled Jack-Pod™ slides right into The Weezy™ pipe. This also contains a filter (tip), the CTIP™. This conically shaped CTIP™ contains activated carbon. Filter the bad, not the good. The CTIP™  can also be used as a tip when rolling your own joints. We offer an extensive program of pure smoking products. From filling, to storage, to enjoyment. Please Contact our Sales Team for more information or to order.